The Calories in Drinks Can Bust Your Diet

If you’ve been on a diet by monitoring your caloric intake and increasing your exercise, watch your drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Didn’t think your favorite drinks had so many calories? You may be in for a shocker.

“It’s easy to forget about how many calories there are in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks,” says Dr. Marco Coppola, Chief Medical Officer. “But, the reality is that most of the popular drinks contain many more calories than you might expect.”

Diet Busting Drinks – don’t forget to count these calories:

  • High calorie coffee drinks – Of course these drinks are a delicious way to help wake you up in the morning or power through an afternoon slump, but that Mocha Frappuccino or Crème Brulee Latte can contain up to 600 calories, nearly half the daily budget for a female in a normal weight range. You’re better off with a regular coffee and some flavored Coffee Mate.
  • Hot Chocolate – The type of hot chocolate that you find in your local coffeehouse contains as much or more than 320 calories per 12-ounce serving. Most of those calories come from milk, syrup, and whipped cream. Add marshmallows and you can easily add another 50 to 100 calories.
  • Champagne – The bubbly taste of champagne is a holiday party favorite and it’s easy to indulge in a few glasses at a time. Take it easy though. Just one five-ounce glass of champagne contains 96 calories.
  • Soda – One can of soda can contain 150 calories and a whopping 77 grams of sugar (regular Mountain Dew). If you must enjoy soda, make it sugar-free.
  • Wine – Depending on your favorite wine, you can expect to get 82 to 95 calories per each five-ounce glass. White wine is on the lower end of the scale with Burgundy and Merlot on the high end. If you enjoy a good port, you’ll consume 175 to 185 calories per glass.
  • Alcohol Free Wine – As a matter of fact, alcohol free wine isn’t calorie-free wine. It actually contains about 37 calories per five-ounce glass. Still, that’s less than half of the calories in wine that contains alcohol.
  • Sweet Tea/Lemonade – A sweet tea (32 oz.) from McDonald’s has 280 calories and 60 grams of sugar. Try unsweetened tea and add Splenda or Equal, instead. Save your calories for a few fries!
  • Beer – The amount of calories in the beer you drink tends to follow the percentage of alcohol in the beer. For instance, alcohol-free beer has 89 calories, light beer has 113 calories, regular beer has around 145 calories, dark bear has 160 calories, and strong beer with more than 8% alcohol content has 199 calories per 12-ounce can.
  • Hard Liquor – If you like the hard stuff, then get ready to enjoy some calories along with it. On average, sherry has 53 calories, whisky and gin have 105 calories, brandy has 116 calories, and rum has 126 calories per 1.5-ounce glass.

Of course, the actual calorie values will vary from brand to brand. If you are dieting, check the label of your preferred beverage, or just stick with water. If you need a little flavor, try some fruit – like slices of lemon, lime or orange – or some refreshing cucumber.

Remember to Drink Responsibly

Social drinking can be very enjoyable. If you’re indulging in wine, beer, liquor or champagne, please remember to drink responsibly. In 2014, nearly one-third of all traffic related deaths in the U.S. were due to alcohol-impaired driving. Responsible drinking means not putting yourself or others at risk: have a designated driver or taxi drive you home. It also means not getting to a level of intoxication that can spoil the fun for you and everyone else.

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