Hey Mama,

A lot can change in a year. This time last year the Coronavirus vaccinations were not available to the general public, and many families made the hard choice to avoid large family gatherings to celebrate the holidays. Currently, 57% of the US population has received a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. As more adults get vaccinated, life is returning to a new normal, and many are looking forward to continuing their pre-pandemic holiday traditions.

As we adjust to the idea of large gatherings, it’s important to keep our loved ones safe. Is someone in your family certified to perform CPR? CPR is a lifesaving tool that can help in emergencies such as cardiac arrest or near-drownings, situations where a person has stopped breathing or their heartbeat has stopped.

Anyone can learn CPR! 70% of Americans say they feel helpless in emergency situations because they do not know how to step in and intervene appropriately. But, did you know that 88% of cardiac arrests occur at home? The life you save with CPR is most likely to be someone you love. Follow these tips and links to make sure you’re prepared to help your friends and family, if needed.

One thing to note: A person performing CPR is protected by Good Samaritan laws. These laws protect the person performing CPR from any financial liability to encourage them to help whenever they can.

What To Do Before Performing CPR

  1. Confirm the scene is safe.
  2. Check the patient for responsiveness by shouting the patient’s name and tapping their shoulder for adults or the bottom of their foot for infants. Simultaneously, check for breathing and a pulse.
  3. Find someone nearby to call 911. If no one is around, you must call 911.

Remember to Spell C-A-B

The American Heart Association uses the letters C-A-B to help people remember the order to perform the steps of CPR.

  • C: compressions
  • A: airway
  • B: breathing

How to Perform CPR on an Adult

Visit this article for a full list of steps to help save an adult’s life.

How to Perform CPR on a Child

Visit this article and video for instructions to help save a child’s life.

Texas Emergency Care Center wants to keep our communities safe. Learn CPR techniques to help your neighbor, friend, or loved one.  We have locations in Pearland and Atascocita if you need additional help during an emergency.