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Hey, Mama….Meet Your New Bestie!

#HeyMama We've all been there. Something is wrong with one of your kids... fever, vomit, falls that lead to cuts, bumps, and bruises. Most of the time you know exactly what's wrong and can manage it like a pro, but then there are times when you just aren't sure......

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Four Steps to Reclaim Witching Hour

If you're a parent, you've experienced "witching hour," that time when you all get home from school/work, usually around dinner time and it may last until bedtime. It's a time when kids are begging for snacks and screens, actively avoiding homework, or doing it with...

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Urgent Care Centers “Fill the Gap”

You probably haven't ever thought about living in a 'medical desert' have you? Medical deserts are inhabited areas that are more than 60 minutes away from a fully-equipped hospital. So you could see how in even in densely populated cities like Houston and Dallas,...

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